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What is a good exercise schedule that will effectively help me lose fat and gain muscle?

I am overweight in my opinion. I am a 16 year old male, i play sports so i am relatively athletic, but not quite to the point i would like to be. I want to lose weight to improve my health, fitness and appearance What would be a good daily exercise schedule to follow??? Thanks! 🙂

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3 Responses to “What is a good exercise schedule that will effectively help me lose fat and gain muscle?”

  1. iqbsrob said :

    You may want to focus on your health more so than your weight. You need to know that sugar, junk food, and fast food are not your friends when it come to being fit (You know being fit means you will be at your ideal weight). You may want to consider eating more natural fruits in vegetables in your daily diet and remove or reduce wheat, dairy, and sugar. Eat fresh food not processed food (food in boxes, restaurants, etc.) is always better. Drink water, green or ginger tea 30 minutes before or after each meal. These things will get you on your way to being healthier which will translate into a smaller and more vibrant you. Look at in the kitchen section on why you should stay away from wheat (gluten), MSG and other foods that causes obesity and hypertension.

    When eating, take your time and chew your food 2 to 3 times longer than you’re accustom to. This will aid in digestion. Add fiber and organic choices to your diet. All the growth hormones, MSG, preservatives, gluten, and artificial flavoring may lead to weight gain.

    try walking, jogging, or swimming. Go out dancing, play sports, or just do what you enjoy a lot and incorporate exercise. This will help you to day tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

  2. straighthealth17 said :

    The American College of Sports Medicine offers guidelines for cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance training. The guidelines are flexible enough to allow you to pick your own exercises but have enough structure to get you going when you first start out. They are pretty easy to follow and will make your workout easier and more efficient.

    Beginners Guide to Exercising –

  3. sanjuro said :

    There is a program in Thailand that might be able to help somebody in your position.

    The course lasts 3 months, costs just 3,000 dollars and you get everything from shared accommodation in a luxury villa with a swimming pool to 6 meals a day to 180 hours of personal training, plus a diving qualification.

    If you find out more about it, please let me know as I’m not having much luck. The course is aimed exclusively at the English and Americans.


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