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What is the healthiest and quickest way to gain weight without a weight gainer?

Ok guys, i have another weight question. I want to pack one about 40 pounds of muscle (or at least weight) in the quickest am out of time possible, (perferably less the 2 years). So what is the qucikest way to gaine weight without using a weight gainer? Like, what is a good diet that will put weight and muscle on quickly??

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One Response to “What is the healthiest and quickest way to gain weight without a weight gainer?”

  1. Healthy Helen said :

    In order to gain weight, you need to consume more calories than you are currently taking in every day. You really shouldn’t guess how many calories you need. If you have been fighting an illness, you should speak with your doctor about your daily calorie needs. You can also use an online calculator such as or this Nutrition Guide.
    Once you know how many calories you need to aim for each day, use a food diary to track your daily intake. A food diary will help you track your calorie intake and help remind you when it is time to eat and help you be sure you are getting all of the nutrients you need. If you prefer to keep your food diary online, you can join Calorie Count Plus. This site is free and allows you to track the calories you take in as well as the calories you burn with exercise. It also rates your daily diet’s nutritional value.


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