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Is it possible to gain muscle weight by training hard but poor diet?

I have a poor diet and usually eat twice a day, but what if I lift weight everyday then drink my GNC protein shake? Is it possible to gain muscle weight with a poor diet?

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5 Responses to “Is it possible to gain muscle weight by training hard but poor diet?”

  1. Love Bug said :

    Yes you can still gain the muscle

  2. Bob G said :

    not a lot of muscle but yeah,, you could squeeze some results out of it…

    course the work you’re puttin in, it might feel like bailing out a sinking ship with a tablespoon. bring the diet up and your results will shoot out of the gate like a racehorse!

  3. armbamboo said :

    i assure you bro no! diet is important it must be accord

  4. AKD said :

    Yes, it will just take longer. Try adding a multi-vitamin to help balance your nutrition, GNC’s Mega Men is a good one.

  5. aeropostale said :

    First thing first… you cannot do that… eat poorly and gain muscle..

    relying on artificial supplements life long will harm your kidneys and liver.. you would be needing a replacement within 6-10 years if you are on a high dosage of these supplements.

    Your Body need ENERGY.. it need to have a proper metabolism.. all this dieting stunts will make you see results in a short time, but will affect your health in the long run. Plus if will make you crash during your workout.

    My Advise, eat well include some carbs (for energy), some white meat like boiled chicken (natural proteins). and other veggies for other natural vitamins. use protein shake to supplement you diet not make it one; consume one serving after you workout as a recovery drink.


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