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How can a 13 year old lose weight super fast?

I am 13 and weigh almost 190 lbs and i am soooo tired of being the ONLY fat girl at my school. I am teased by almost everyone and feel ugly. I just want a fast way to lose weight even if its unhealthy and dangerous. PLEASE help and dont judge
I also dont want to go to the doctor because its embarressing and i dont want my parents to know im trying to lose weight or know my weight.

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8 Responses to “How can a 13 year old lose weight super fast?”

  1. Gorillya said :

    low carb diet. i had a fat friend (she was literally a circle) and one summer she lost a TON of weight. you just have to watch what you eat and how much dedication you have to your diet.

  2. Taco said :

    Whats the point of losing it dangerously when you could die? That meens your tortured yourself to death which is stupid. Trust me, ive been that desperate. and at your age i weighed 150, im a male tho. Ive progressed to 17 being 260. and im tired of it too.

    What you want to do is burn 500 calories a day, watch your food intake *calories. and Also stay active and Jog. Lifting wieghts is good cause your muscles still burn calories a couple hours after you lift them.

  3. eric said :

    I used to be fat… JUST STOP EATING SHIOT FOOD AND EXERCISE. its gonna be hard but theres no secret here, just work out and excersice and EAT RIGHT. Will power is the key

  4. Anna said :

    First of all, f*ck them.
    Before you even think about this, please be comfortable for who you are.
    DON’T do anything drastic.
    Bulimia is definitely a HELL NO.

    Boost your metabolism with aerobic exercise.
    Drink a lot of iced water. (your body is burning more calories trying to warm your body)
    Limit your carbohydrate intake.
    If all else fails. get P90X.
    If you’re that serious about losing weight, then hell, do this for those 30 days.

    Losing weight is all about commitment. Please remember that in the long run.

  5. Heather said :

    Ok first of all, you’re only 13. You’re not done growing and when you get taller, you’ll slim down. I went through the exact same thing. People in this world are cruel, and you have to learn to not listen to it or believe it. You’ve already started believing that you’re “fat”. Well you’re not. Just watch your diet, and exercise. That’s really all there is to it. You could get some Acai Berry pills, they REALLY help to curb your appetite. Just be confident with who you are. God gave everyone different bodies for different reasons. So find out what to use yours for and don’t get down on yourself. x

  6. Smile Last said :

    Identify your ideal weight. If you’re 5′5″ with a certain build, there’s an ideal weight that matches your body type. Find it – and make that your goal. And if you don’t know what that might be, try searching the Web for a calculator (though results and calculations will vary by a small margin). Now you have a weight goal to shoot for.

  7. Gile Sumer said :

    Consider the source. I’m going to make a gross generalization here, but… why would I trust an overweight doctor or nutritionist to give me proper advice on weight loss? “Do as I say and not as I do” is not a maxim I’m willing to accept from anybody who would be qualified to tell me how to do something. Talk to people who are doing it, or who have done it and been successful. You don’t have to mirror their regimen, but at least you’re getting help from someone who’s really been there. Or, as they said in the Christmas episode of “Two and a Half Men,” people who live in fat asses shouldn’t throw waffles.

  8. Max said :

    ok i am not judging but if you weigh to little at the age of 13 you can grow up to be very unhealthy also dangerous methods i really wouldn’t consider that just watch what you eat and don’t eat food that is too greasy or any junk food :O i am a 13 year old male and i weigh 5.2 stone and that is way under what it should be but any way the way i lost so much weight is because i wasn’t eating much (not, not anything at all because that can be dangerous) don’t eat fast food eat mainly ham, salad, that sort of thing and dint eat too much of the food you eat so i would have some cereal for breakfast a ham sandwich for lunch and a main course generally chicken for dinner without chips maybe potato wedges or a baked potato i lost so much weight in the course of 3 weeks! also no crisps either just avoid deep fired food. but the best thing is a low calorie pizza for example home made pizza.

    hope this helps


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