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Going on a 300-400kcal a day liquid diet…how much weight will i lose in 6 weeks?

I would really appreciate answers that purely answer my question.
I know it’s not good for your health and you may get ill.
I know when you start eating again you’ll put on weight.

All i really want to know is how much weight i’ll lose if i stick to it.
(N.B its not the master cleanse, its just a lot of 15kcal mugs of coco, water and diet soda)

Thanks x

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9 Responses to “Going on a 300-400kcal a day liquid diet…how much weight will i lose in 6 weeks?”

  1. cannonbolt said :

    I’m not going to answer because eating 300calories aday is just stupidness and doing it for 6 weeks is surely going to make you ill!

    Eat the amount of calories a woman should eat daily (2000calories) and do proper exercise.

  2. Bardic said :

    At that level you are likely to lose more than weight. Don’t be silly, that’s far too low. Make it 1000 calories a day, which will keep you alive and functioning but still lose excess weight.

  3. Fire Skittles! said :

    The average person’s basic metabolic rate is something like 2000 calories per day (depending on weight, gender, age etc). That means your body needs 2000 calories per day just to function; not counting walking to the fridge to get your food or doing any additional exercise. That means your body will be trying to get 1700 calories worth of energy out of your fat and whatever every day, which I’m sorry to say is pretty much impossible – so you’ll probably starve to death or at least get really sick and have terrible digestion and fainting spells by the end of the 6 weeks. It’s like a skinny guy trying to gain muscle by bench-pressing 120kg; you’ll just hurt yourself. Shoot that up to something reasonable like 1200 and you might be alright.

  4. goddess n said :

    if what you care about is losing weight, then you will increase your calories to around 1200-1500 calories a day. what you are doing right now is pushing your body into starvation mode, and once it does that, it holds on to all it can so that it can survive longer. you will lose more weight if you increase your calories and get some exercise each day. if you do this, you can lose 12-20 lbs safely.

    its not that you MAY get ill, you will get ill. you WILL end up in hospital with heart problems WITHIN 6 WKS because your body will start attacking itself to survive and get the nutrients it needs to function, because it wants to live.

  5. EDD said :

    It seems like you already have some good advice answers. You must remember that losing weight so fast on a very low calorie diet, will cause you to lose a lot of muscle tissue as well as fat, and your heart is muscle. This kind of diet could cause you serious irreversible damage. I would recommend a high protein diet. Its based on the science behind the L A diet.Researchers at Skidmore College in New York State found that when subjects followed a high protein diet- 40% of total daily calories from protein- for eight weeks, they lost significantly more body fat, particularly abdominal fat, than those following a low fat/high carb diet.

  6. BabeHart said :

    Nobody can tell you that, and yes it is a waste of time because you will regain.

    How much you lose will depend on how many calories a day your body burns. You likely won’t be very active because you won’t be giving your body enough calories to support any kind of exercise.

    You may lose a few pounds…your metabolism will slow, your body will start breaking down muscle tissue for fuel, and when you begin eating again you’ll likely regain all you lost plus some extra.

    It’s a huge waste of time, risking your health, and being miserable and hungry for weeks for no good reason or result…you’ll be lucky if you can do it for 6 wks without ending up in the hospital.

  7. pretty girl 333 said :


    thats it??!!
    For like the hole day??!!
    I think you’ll either die or be sent to the hospital.

    I was told to stick to a portein an vegetable diet, so try that out, and stop this 300-400 cal diet thing

  8. ? said :

    why post this question? obviously everybody is going to tell you your stupid. you will not be able to last 6 weeks. you will pass out by the second day, you will feel depressed, grumpy and irritable, will have no energy to do anything except lie on your bed. Now thats attractive. You are basically killing yourself, so you really need to get some mental health treatment asap.

  9. A1 said :


    People that lose weight fast and cycle back and forth on their weight have more problems with gallbladder disease than others, as I was told by the doctor when I had my own gallbladder attacks.

    I encourage you to learn from ‘common-sense’ nutritionists what to eat for a life time.

    ‘Diets’ are then not necessary.

    My best to you,


    Common sense from my own efforts at improving my health after listening to ‘common-sense’ nutritionists.

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