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How much weight will I lose if I hardly eat for two weeks?

I’m 14,5′ 4.5”,and about 125lbs.

If I only eat like raw vegetables and fruits[carrots,apples,ect], how much weight do you think I’ll lose in two weeks?

And I really don’t want your “That’s unhealthy,seek help,you have to eat to lose weight” crap.
Because I know that’s not true,you drastically lose weight if you don’t eat,I’ve done it before.

So please help me,and thanks.

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8 Responses to “How much weight will I lose if I hardly eat for two weeks?”

  1. DonA said :

    If you don’t want to hear the truth, then why post? Yeah, you’ve done it before and it sounds like it all came right back or you wouldn’t be asking. So do yourself a favor and learn to do it right or don’t bother asking for advice.

  2. Justin said :

    WRONG! Sure you lose alot of weight but what happens when you start eating again? Goes right back and probably end up being heavier than where you started. To lose weight and keep it off you have to eat healthy and watch your calories and do plently of cardio along with it whether you like it or not

  3. rhoberth said :

    why would you want to starve yourself? just workout man and don’t eat 4 hours before bedtime and no carbs after 5PM, it’s healthy to lose weight that way.

  4. melski said :

    your weight is actually perfect for your height so unless you WANT to look like an anorexic teenage idiot, you probably shouldn’t try to lose weight. Muscle tone is much more attractive than bone.

  5. seawitch said :

    Well, yeah, you drastically lose weight if you don’t eat, but when you start eating again, you gain it back. So basically, the whole “That’s unhealthy,seek help,you have to eat to lose weight” advice, isn’t crap, it’s the cold hard truth. Obviously though, you don’t want to hear the truth, which means that in the end, you’ll be back where you started.

  6. C G said :

    You won’t lose as much as you think you will. The problem is, when you don’t eat, you are losing muscle, not fat. The number on the scale may go down, but that’s because your body is breaking down muscle to give itself energy. At the same time, your body, which is built for survival, will begin storing more fat.

    If you want to skip the meat, but lose tons of weight you should try switching to soy meat replacements. You can find some seriously tasty things like parmesan chik’n patties and prime grillers that taste quite a bit like the real thing, but have almost no calories.

    As for your statement about drastically losing weight if you don’t eat, well, yeah, kinda. You drastically lost weight because your body was eating itself and breaking down muscle to do that. You’ve obviously gained it right back because you’re here asking about it. It’s (no offense) pretty idiotic because if you lose your muscle tone, your body won’t burn as many calories. You need muscle to burn calories, darlin’.

    Aside from that, you should take a reality check. Log onto the USDA’s website, to learn all about the best weight loss foods, where your weight should be at your height and age, and how to read food labels because a lot of foods people eat aren’t as healthy as they should be. If you want to lose weight, it can’t hurt to educate yourself!

  7. Chrissy said :

    Well, I’ve tried that way of losing weight, and people end up with anorexia because of that, but I’m not judging on that. Anyways, you’ll lose about 10 pounds if you hardly eat, now if you exercise in between those two weeks, just walking for half an hour, you’ll lose double that amount. :]

  8. Errick Ang said :

    3-5 kgs perhaps. You are right, you will lose some weight if you dont eat. However i afraid your weight will be bounced back after some time when you resume your regular meal.


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