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How much weight can I lose doing water aerobics for 16 weeks?

I’m doing water aerobics for 16 weeks 2 times a week. I’m 5’4 or 5’5 133 from the last time I weighed myself (2 days ago) I have fat in the belly area. I know you can not lose weight in a targeted area, so if I can not lose weight how much will I tone or how many inches will I lose.

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4 Responses to “How much weight can I lose doing water aerobics for 16 weeks?”

  1. Waseem Safdar said :

    Dear Friend,
    Losing weight is a dream, its a passion for obese patients.
    There is no solution to this problem except exercise (as you do) and less eating habits.
    Actually initial wt. loss is easy because fats are soft but when it comes to old fats (chronic), it becomes difficult to lose hard fats even with tough exercise schedules. Aerobics can do wonders but remember, 5-10% (of your total body wt.) wt. loss per month is normal and encouraging. Don’t expect more than it because more than 10% wt. loss in a month can be dangerous to our normal health.

  2. BabeHeart said :

    Nobody can tell you that because we don’t know how long you’re exercising or the intensity, we don’t know the speed of your metabolism, and we don’t know how many calories you are consuming a day. You could maintain or gain even when doing exercise if your calorie intake isn’t lower than how many you burn.

    Eat right and to the workouts and at the end of 16 wks you’ll see how much you lost. That’s how to know how much you can lose…by just doing it.

    Good luck! ☺

  3. Ball said :

    1. Munch on grapefruits – These juicy delicious fruits are more than just a fruit. It contains enzymes that blocks fat storage in our body. Eating grapefruits daily, and one with every meal will give you the upper hand in helping you lose the pounds.

  4. Sam said :

    Its good that you have a descent height. Doing water aerobics is the cool way to stay fit, but weight loss is not guaranteed. Try some good diet changes and have some daily exercise in extra. You can opt for a good training program which can strictly plan your proceedings to get the target. try the following famous program:


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