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How much weight could I lose in 2 weeks?

I am 5’6 and currently 185 pounds (overweight with an obese BMI yuck) I want to lose more weight, but as of now my short term goal weight is somewhere around 175 before or somewhere close to 2 weeks.

Would this be possible? I’m already reducing my calories and exercising for 2 hours at the gym. I’ve also heard that overweight people lose weight quicker than someone of normal weight.

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9 Responses to “How much weight could I lose in 2 weeks?”

  1. sunshine said :

    ^^ take a few tips out of this, they really helped me & [email protected] also. good luck

  2. иє$$α_doℓorє$ said :

    well i used to be kindah chunky i reduced my weight by going on a fat free diet eating anything that is FAT FREE and doing all the exercising i could i got good results(:

  3. :D said :

    That would be 5 lbs per week, and if you lose the weight too quick it will come back. 2-3 lbs is a nice steady goal and will take you 5 weeks. But if you really want to lose weight by two weeks lose 6 lbs by then, it will still make a difference.

  4. Me said :

    It could be possible with the right exercise and calorie intake. If you are obese then yes sometimes ppl with more fat tend to loose it a bit quicker at first. I would say at the most you could loose 6 lbs at a healthy rate in two weeks.

  5. bubbalumps said :

    i don’t know. give it a try and maybe hit up the Alli to help out.

  6. The Girl in the Blue Dress said :

    Always have a good breakfast. Eating breakfast increases your metabolism. Eat lots of greens and fruits these are all “free calories” These vegetables and fruit help your body. The most i’ve ever hear somebody lose in a week is 5 pounds which means you got to work very hard to shed that weight. Go for a jog then ,go to the gym, anything that gets you moving and sweating during the 2 week period.
    Hope I helped! 🙂

  7. thetunecatt said :

    Count calories and fat. Limit to a 1,000 calorie or 30 gram of fat diet a day and you will lose weight without exercise. I lost 30 ponds in 3 months! So you could possible lose 10 pounds with exercise at least?? Also limit portion sizes and that will help a lot.

  8. someone's wifey for lifey said : i came across this blog, it’s about eating right, i think.

  9. Jesus said :

    do you have an iPhone/iPod touch with WiFi?
    i use an application called “Lose It” available in the United States iTunes Store.
    you enter your goal weight and rate of loss/week. you then, day-by-day, enter your food (calorie) intake and how much excersise you do per day.
    this has helped me shed alot of my weight and achieve a new football goal.

    happy weight loss!


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