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How do I convince my niece that she is going to lose too much weight?

I am concerned about my niece. All she eats is a sandwich sized ziploc bag full of pretzel sticks every day. She insists that it’s not going to make her lose weight, because if she’s eating that few calories, her body is really going to store them all because it’s in starvation mode. I believe that she is going to lose too much weight way too fast, because she is eating *much less* calories than her body naturally burns. Which in turn leads to losing too much weight too fast. She is an adult, so she can make her own decisions, but how can I go about convincing her to eat more? She says all it is is her not having a big appetite and not ‘being able to eat a lot.’ Which I think is BS. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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One Response to “How do I convince my niece that she is going to lose too much weight?”

  1. Chelle said :

    i know that there is a video, you may have to search a while for, on you tube. There is a woman on there who saved my life pretty much. She talks about all the consquences she has suffered because of not eating. You should have your neice watch it. Search for terms like anorexia and you should be able to find the video


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