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How much weight will I lose on 14 days of the Master Cleanser?

Hi– I’m normal weight and walk 2 miles a day. I do need to lose weight (please don’t answer advising me against this fast, I’m going to do it no matter what).

I was wondering how much I could expect to lose doing it for 14 days?

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5 Responses to “How much weight will I lose on 14 days of the Master Cleanser?”

  1. Kenny said :

    depends on what you eat, metabolism rate, and how dedicated you are to walking.
    if you walk in a fast pace with your arms gliding by you will lose more than just strolling at the beach. it would be better to hit the treadmill, eliptical, or even jogging in your neighborhood.
    good luck!
    eat healthy!! (chicken breast, tofu, etc.) and lose fast!

  2. Having a girl!! said :

    I lost 10 lbs by day 7 and couldn’t handle it anymore. It made me crazy. I did gain about 5 of it back. You lose a lot of water weight and as soon as you start eating, you gain the water weight back…which was the 5 lbs I gained back.

  3. nextwarlock said :

    To loss the weight i think this option and its work for me:

    eat more fruit
    drink fresh juice
    get detoxification
    no junk food
    no milk
    no yogurt
    no soda
    drink natural water
    sport (like exercise, running, walking, aerobic, swimming)
    eat more salad
    good sleep

    the example eat menu :


    Always same: juice presses fresh, as much as desirable, up to 14 ounce; fresh succulence as much as desirable, or salad fruit; when do you very hungry. When not make difficult, sometimes fun replaced fruit every day that eaten at morning


    Fresh fruit juice, or carrot juice, 4 – 8 ounce, when does desirable. Salad with fresh vegetable addition desirable and combination sandwich with cucumber or celery.


    Fresh vegetable cocktail juice, soup cream cauliflower. Potato boat or simple grilled chicken. Garlic flavor string bean. Salad green French.

    I read this menu from this blog in HEALTHY LIFESTYLE ARCHIVES. In this blog have an articles for main program, program, healthy lifestyle, many tips and more useful links for loss your weight. And have VIDEO ARCHIVES, its very help.

  4. spn300mike said :

    Not as much as you’ll gain back – I guarantee it- enjoy the yo-yo ride.

  5. hydro_harley said :

    try this, i gave up eating and heavy drinking and in 14 days i lost 2 weeks


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