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How much weight would i lose for 30 days fasting?

Im 160 pounds & 5’5
I want to lose weight before summer,
even if it means ill gain it all up & most of the weight i would lose is water.

How much would i lose on a 30 day fast?
Drinking only water.


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2 Responses to “How much weight would i lose for 30 days fasting?”

  1. Cami said :

    you’d be hooked up to a feeding tube at a hostpital…

  2. shygirl1 said :

    Sorry but i agree with Cami,This is very unhealthy and dangerous please do not do this.Yes you would lose a heck of alot of weight by doing this but you wont look healthy or very good and you will feel like shit and weak,You can lose lots of weight by summer doing it the healthy way lots of exercise and only eating healthy low fat foods.And you will look and feel great if you do it this way.Goodluck to you 🙂


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