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How much weight are you expected to lose by water fasting?

I’m planning on going on a 90 day water fast mostly to lose weight but also to build character and respect my religion. i now weigh about 130 pounds, i want to weigh 110. How much weight am i expected to lose by water fasting?

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2 Responses to “How much weight are you expected to lose by water fasting?”

  1. WhizKid said :

    You can lose those 20 pounds in about 10 days of fasting. Beyonce lost 20 pounds in 10 days with lemonade diet/fast. See site below with quotes by 18 MDs about fasting. 90 days is too long. Jesus fasted for 40 days. An MD never fasts anyone for more than 50 days. Juice fasts can be done for 120 days.

  2. Bluestar said :

    The utimate way to really loose weight is to detoxify the body first. that is really what kicks the body out of sinc in the first place. Loosing weight is easy, it’s KEEPING that weight off where the problem comes in. When the body is put through a cleanse first then the weight loss challange is much, much improved. Myself and some friends of mine have had some very good results with the program at this website= One of the best parts about it also is that it is risk free. If your not satisfyed 100% they offer a money back garrentee. In other words, one has nothing to loose but pounds!
    Good Luck.


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