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will losing some weight make you jump higher?

im 13 and im gotten some weight on me in a while. im 153 pounds and i have pretty strong calves. will losing weight make me jump higher. maybe losing 40 pounds at least, because i feel the weight on me whne i jump. i can manage to jump up to 16 inches right now.

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5 Responses to “will losing some weight make you jump higher?”

  1. Anonymous Viking said :

    Issac Newton says yes.

  2. JSatt said :

    Yes. If you lose weight, you will be able to jump higher because you’ll be raising less weight when you jump.

  3. chels89r said :

    Yes (maybe not 40 pounds though, that seems excessive). Whatever you do, make sure you do it correctly, otherwise you will lose all of your muscle, become very weak, and not be able to jump as far.

  4. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    If you lose muscle weight and strength you will jump lower due to lack of muscle and strength.

    If you lose flabby fat you will jump higher as you have less weight to drag you down.

    When you lose weight you probably lose a bit of muscle as well as fat.

  5. I look better in real life said :

    Honestly you are pretty heavy to be thirthteen. When I was that age I weighed about 110 because I was playing little league. Losing bodyfat will definitly help. I could dunk in the 10th grade when I wieghed 160. For a while I lost my bounce because I had gotten up to 210. Recently I’ve lost fifthteen pounds and have went from only dunking on good days to dunking whenever I feel like it. So the answer is yes and do squats too.


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