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Losing Weight- need some help?

I’m 17 years old right now, and I’m having a bit of a problem right now. I just graduated high school, summers coming up and college is just around the corner. I’ve seriously began looking at my weight now and it’s such an issue.

I gained about 10 pounds in just a month because I’ve been consuming alot of alcohol and eating alot of junk food. I’m trying to turn it all around, want to lose some weight and had some questions.Also, I’m starting to take kickboxing and brazilian ju jitsu classes- so this is also one of my reasons to get my weight down.

I’m a little over 5 9 in height, weigh about 183.4 pounds right now. I just needed some advice on:

What is a good attainable weight in about 2/3 months?

What is the proper type of diet?

What type of workouts should I do?

These are basic questions, I just wanted some personal imputs so I can put it all into play. Thanks.
I thought 155 would be a good weight to fight at and be happy. My BMI is over 20% right now, so the extra weight is mostly fat.

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6 Responses to “Losing Weight- need some help?”

  1. q6656303 said :

    150 pounds is good
    drink 3 litres of water a day
    walk everywhere take the lift
    eat in silence what you like but less of it

  2. justalilcrazzi66 said :

    starve yourself and go anorexic. duh

  3. hotbutterflybabe said :

    well I used to run every day and get my heart rate up and that helped alot. Also, you shouldn’t drink so much because it is bad for your liver and it makes fat. I went to and relized how bad meat is for you and I lost alot of wieght getting on a diet that i like and likes me lol well good luck! and it isn’t easy to start

  4. Cat0285 said :

    To be healthy you don’t want to lose more than about 2 lbs a week. Keep your calorie count around 2,000 each day. Eat healthy. There is no gettin around it. Eat small meals several times a day to keep yourself from becoming hungry and gorging yourself. I had the same problem when I started drinking a lot in college. Drinking makes you gain soooo much weight. If you are like me you aren’t going to just stop drinking, so save it for special occasions. Only drink every other weekend and stick to light beers or rum (bacardi superior has low cals/sugar/carbs)….mix 1 1/2 oz with diet soda. This will help with weight gain from alcohol. Stay away from junk food for the most part (I find that drinking excessively actually stimulates eating, and typical beer munchies include things you dont want to be eating like pizza, chips, etc). Don’t stop eating the food you love all together or you won’t stick to your diet. It is a good idea to get into a regular exercise plan, but keep it interesting and mix it up so you will stick to it. Do things that are fun, so it doesn’t seem like work….go swimming, play soccer, kick boxing, tennis, etc. Follow these fun exercise options with a brisk walk with a friend so you can chat about girls or whatever while u do it to keep it interesting. If you cant find a friend willing to do this on a regular basis listen to music while you do it to pump you up.

  5. Mae said :

    Just remember don’t do it by starving. I wanted to be thin.
    Everytime i went on a diet I gained more back than I lost.
    Your body thinks it is starving or something.
    Just cut back no junk food, the main thing no salt. It expands your blood volume just read that in the prevention magazine.
    Then they give this low number and I started looking at food labels and you can get that out of a piece of bread.
    Just cut out lots of fat, I lost weight by telling them at McDonald’s no mayo! I quit using fat and lost weight.
    Say, put katsup on my burger and no fries. You would be better off it said with two burgers than a giant order of fries.

  6. Natalie Jones said :

    dont look at the scale – it doesnt show you how much muscle mass and body fat percentage you have which is more important than some plain number.
    find daily calorie intake calculator on the net, enter all your stats and it will tell you how many calories you need a day to maintain, take off 300-400cal off that number and thats how much you need to lose.
    eat 5-6 small meals a day (eat every 2-3 hours – it optimizes your metabolism)
    5-8 servings of fruit and veggies a day
    8 glasses of water
    have complex carbs for breakfast – they give you energy
    have protein (lean meat, legumes etc) for dinner – repairs muscle
    cardio exercise 4-6 times a week for 30-50min (ideally 45min because the first 20-30min body burns carbs and only then starts burning fat), light weight training (more muscle=faster metabolism)
    dont consume foods that are made of white flour (white bread, cakes, pasta etc.), sugar loaded foods (cookies, icecream, candy etc) and nothing fried, oily.
    ofcourse you can spoil yourself once in a while with a little treat:)


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