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I need some help losing weight!?

Can anyone give me some good tips on losing weight, im not huge, but would love to lose some weight. I also want abs, can I get these by doing sit ups? How many do I need to do? Plz help me I really do need some help and I need a fast way to lose it.

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7 Responses to “I need some help losing weight!?”

  1. Jay S said :

    Keep it simple. Eat mostly green vegetables and lean meat. Skip all white foods. Skip all sauces. Drink 8 glasses of cold water a day. Your body burns calories as it warms up the water.

  2. Elaine W said :

    Sit ups are great for you abs you should aim to start off with about 4 sets of 8 and then gradually build up to longer sessions. As for the losing weight aim for 1-2lns weekly by cutting down on sugary fatty foods. Eat lots of fresh veg and some fruit and fish and chicken are good for you

  3. piperdan08 said :

    I am not huge either but I lost 14 lbs with palates and tae bo. Alot of veggies and lean meats eat like 5 small meals a day. Drink alot of water throughout your day no soda. The palates has helped my stomach in a way that regular crunches never did. Get winsor palates so you can do the three step cd program and work up to it. trust me it works and you will be so happy with the results

  4. Magda A said :

    Maybe you can check your intake of calories, since I eat more healthy I am more slim. In this site : you will find interesting information and calories calculator.

    Good luck

  5. Patrick said :

    Exercise everyday. Be active and avoid junk food. To lose fat around your waist, do crunches, sit ups, twisting bending using weight balls. Good Luck.

  6. alice_darley said :

    I read an interesting article (“Kate Hudson Reveals Her Secrets: How to Lose Weight and Eat Healthy”) at Firstly, Kate reduced her daily caloric intake, adjusting it to her weight, height and other factors. To do as she did, you should consult a specialist. Kate’s diet is rich in lean proteins (chicken, turkey, fish and tofu) and low carbohydrates (fresh fruit, vegetables and legumes). Essential fatty acids, such as fish, olive oil, seeds and nuts, are also important, helping the body to function properly. Kate limited her caloric intake to approximately 1.500 calories a day, cutting down on bread and pastas.

    Secondly, the actress trained a lot so she could lose those 60 pounds she gained while pregnant with her son, Ryder. Her daily routine included up to three-hour workouts: one hour of cardio, one hour of Pilates or yoga and 30 minutes to an hour running on the treadmill.

  7. Nia W said :

    Replace all the foods you eat with low fat and low calorie foods without sacrificing how much you eat so you will never deprive yourself and feel hungry.make sure you adapt good healthy foods such fruits, vegetables, etc

    Don’t forget to exercise

    good luck


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