Will this help in losing some weight?

Because im mostly sedentary during my work hours (8-5) I am going to start eating 5 Activia Yogurts and 5 oz of cantaloupe throughout the day- that’s about 400 calories total.
At dinner I will eat 300 calories. Will this help in losing some weight. Also drinking 2 liters of water!!

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  1. 。(◕‿◕)。 ♫♥ ツ said:

    U need to eat more and have bread, meat(baked) and other things like vegetables

    This is a great site. It tell you how many calories u burned and how much u should lose and a lot more. They will also take u to an adult site when u sign up, if ur an adult.

    answer mine plz

  2. Thomas St. Awesome said:

    You need to eat more and drink more water.

    You want to be eating about 1200 calories a day at least, otherwise your body starts eating healthy lean muscle mass.

    You need carbs, fats, and protein to maintain a healthy body AND burn fat. Yes, thats right, you need fat to burn fat.

    Eat proper portions and get outside, get your feet moving, and have some fun with it! During your lunch break, walk a few laps around the building or parking lot. If you have a break in the morning or afternoon, take another lap.

    If you go out to lunch, and its not that far, walk to where you are getting food. If you brought your lunch, see if there is a park you can walk to and eat there.

    If you know you are sedentary most of the day, then do something about it!

    Im losing weight by eating 2000 calories a day, but i also work out hard and burn around 4000 – 4500 a day. Eating healthy never tasted so good. My breakfast today alone was 6oz of herb crusted steak, 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 2 cups of coffee (with sugar and creamer) and a 20oz water with some crystal light mix in it. That adds up to 500 calories, or only 20% of my daily intake limit.

    For lunch, im walking to a local Salad Works and having a salad with double portion of chicken, mushrooms, red onions, and some balsamic vinegar, did the math and thats about 300 calories.

    Eating healthy doesnt mean starving yourself, it means eating lots of good stuff. Good stuff is not as caloric as say… snack cakes. a bag of chips and a soda is more calories than my entire breakfast, and a lot less filling.

    Eat right, move your feet, and have fun!

  3. Steven said:

    i am agree with Thomas St. Awesome comment.


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