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Losing some weight to fit in dress?

I need to lose about 10-20 pounds in a few weeks. I’m 15 and between 160-166 and i’m 5’5″. I need a good way to lose the weight and a diet that will keep me full. D: I enjoy food, so someone give me some good advice!

[No diet pills, my parents won’t let me try them]
Some details on some exercises would also be great! I can’t jog or go outside because it’s really cold right now and I live in the country.

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3 Responses to “Losing some weight to fit in dress?”

  1. Hannah Banana said :

    the key to lose weight is to eat what you can burn if u want to eat that pie go for a jog, do you want it still?, take a sip of milk, and then do u want it still? if so eat it, dont eat things you dont like, dont ignore ur tummy when it says im full, portion control, eat little amounts, and eat as much raw veggies as you can, and fruits too. lean meats, like chicken, fish, that stuff. pasta little amounts.

    and try this stuff:

    it works.

  2. Wavy Hair said :

    I’m 14 and I lost 8 pounds by eating about 1,200 cals a day and burning 200. It took me about 4 weeks. you can do it! keep gum in your purse to satisfy cravings and eat 100 calorie yoplait yogurts for breakfast + lunch. they are yummy.

  3. audlester said :

    Read this excellent article by Bethany Roberts called Top Ten Tips for Weight Loss


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