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Question about losing some weight?

I’m 17 and need to lose weight, about 20-30 pounds (mainly to be healthier, but some of it is to feel better about my appearance) but, I’m afraid that if i lose the weight, my curves will go with it. I have big hips so i kinda have an hour glass shape and i don’t wanna lose that really.

If I lose the weight, will my curves go with it?
And i know it’s a lot of weight to lose, but i’m planning on losing it healthy. Working out on my Wii Active and eating better, I’m a vegeterian so its no problem lol.

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2 Responses to “Question about losing some weight?”

  1. Uma said :

    you’ll lose weight everywhere so if hourglass is your body shape you’ll stay that way just leaner and sexier

  2. Stephanie said :

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