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How effective is swimming for losing some weight?

I’m just curious. I know swimming has to be somewhat good to losing weight, but how effective is it really?

I’m not really that big of a swimmer, but I do like the water. Right now our public pool is closed for maintenance, but will reopen around June 20th. I haven’t gone to the pool since summer of last year and that was just to help me cool off from the heat, but I could go back once it reopens, if it could do a good part of getting me in some better shape. I am a bit overweight in my stomach. and btw, I’m a 23 year old male.

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5 Responses to “How effective is swimming for losing some weight?”

  1. Marco R said :

    Probably one of the best ways of loosing weight and toning your body.

  2. . said :

    Swimming is actually very effective to loosing weight and toning your physical body at the same time, in fact you loose about 400 calories by just doing 1 hour’s worth of swimming, so yes swimming is good & very effective.

    So you should go back to your public pool as soon as it re-opens on June 20th 2010 and start loosing some weight the healthy way by swimming on your public pool.

  3. Leanne said :

    yes it is very good at losing weight, in my opinion and others it i 2nd best but something else is 1st

  4. Princess A said :

    swimming is one of the few sports that works every part of your body.
    If you smile while you swim, you’re officially working every single muscle in your body so yeah good choice

  5. Mike said :

    Exercises most of your body


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