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Some questions about losing weight.?

I exercise 6 days out of the week, for a half hour everyday doing a mixture of cardio and strength. I count calories and cut out the bad foods I had been eating. I would say I eat about 1000 calories a day, maybe a little more on some days. I’ve been doing this for a month, and at first I gained almost 4 pounds, and finally I have lost 4 pounds and am back to original weight. Is it normal to gain weight first? Why am I not losing weight? I am young and had a very sedentary lifestyle before this past month. I don’t expect miracles but I did expect to lose some weight. Is there something else I could be doing? I have resorted to almost starving myself and am going to increase the amount of exercise I do to include jogging for 20-30 minutes along with the 30 minutes I am doing now. I try not to rely on the scale but I don’t really feel different. I’m trying diet pills but they make me feel ill and don’t want to have to take them. Any suggestions would help.

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3 Responses to “Some questions about losing weight.?”

  1. wahaa! said :

    there id difference between weight and fat. You lost fat but not weight because you did strength exercises. You gained muscle and muscle is heavier than fat. if you keep it up, you will be muscled, and with less fat. if you do strength exercises, DO NOT watch your weight.

  2. rock said :

    best way is to do a lot of jogging with some strength training.

    eat more times a day but much much less each meal.

  3. Hao said :

    Hi, you may get the wrong track, you will need to have proper meal every day, don’t skip them, as starvation will burn your muscle first to extract energy. You may try the supplement I tried, it helped me to get rid of my tummy in 4 months. And furthermore, do not eat within half an hour after your exercises.


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