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What is the best way to target fat in the upper thigh/butt region?

I’ve been consistently losing fat in other areas of my body, but I’ve noticed that this area is very stubborn for me. Is there any particular exercise to target the fat in this area, or do I just need to step up my regular cardio routine to eventually burn it off?

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3 Responses to “What is the best way to target fat in the upper thigh/butt region?”

  1. kelsey s said :

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  2. Softball Star 21 said :

    Try biking, running, or just run up and down flights of stairs more often. Be sure to watch what you eat, because a lot of the fat you are eating can be stored in your butt and thigh area.

  3. Miso Seelee said :

    if you are using one of those excellent treadmills in the gym, you can tone your butt and upper thighs by increasing and decreasing the incline every thirty to forty-five seconds by at least two degrees. It’s subtle, but it really works.

    Also, TAE BO is GREAT for the inner thighs.


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