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What’s the best way to lose fat in the lower body, especially my calves?

I already do cardio (mostly on the treadmill) and eat pretty healthy meals with little junk food, but is there any specific cardio or exercise to lose that fat in your legs and calves?

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3 Responses to “What’s the best way to lose fat in the lower body, especially my calves?”

  1. MINDY said :

    Belly dance .

    Many DVDs on belly dancing on Amazon

  2. JimmyK said :

    Maybe try the stairclimber every couple of days. You can also do calf raises, but I suggest that if you do this that you set up a regular lifting program (it’s good for you anyway.)

  3. vanillakisses said :

    Cross trainers are always good for the thighs bum and calves, bike riding is really great for the lower body aswell.
    A really great exercise for the calves(i read this in a womens weekly magazine) 🙂 – if you stand straight and slowly stand on your tip toes, and back down, do this 40 times in sets of 3. So 40, and then rest, then another 40 and rest, and then finally another 40 and rest. I did this everyday, and i saw results as quick as a week.
    Other low body exercises could include squats and lunges. Do a minute of squat, lunge on the left leg, lunge on the right leg, and then another squat. Do this for 5 minutes with a 30 second rest between each set. 🙂
    Also for thighs you can lay on your side and elevate the leg towards the ceiling, bringing back down slowly again.
    I’m working on my lower body and i work hard in the gym, they’re a few exercises you can easily do at home without the machines.
    I hope i helped, and good luck in losing the weight/toning the muscle. 🙂


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