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what is the best way to target fat loss on the stomach/abdominal area?

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7 Responses to “what is the best way to target fat loss on the stomach/abdominal area?”

  1. SEAMstressed said :

    i would like to know the same thing

  2. reallyfatgirl87 said :

    Well, sadly our bodies do not work that way. When you’re on a diet and exercise plan, the fat you lose will be from all over. It is a universal loss everywhere and there is no way to target weight loss in specific areas like you can target muscle building in certain areas. The best way to lose your stomach is to lose fat everywhere else too, and sadly, the belly fat and thigh flab is usually the last and toughest to get rid of, I know. But keep with it, and if you finally lose your belly flab, it’ll mean that you’ve also lost a good amount of fat everywhere else.

  3. track_rebel said :

    sit ups, running, push ups, crunches and other things like that.

  4. lv_consultant said :

    impossible, human biology does not function in that manner…genetics determines where fat gets stored and where it is released from and it what amounts. humans store body fat first in the mid-section as this effects mobility the least. unfortunately this is also the last place where fat is released from. the only thing you can do is to decrease the body fat % low enough until you see the desired results in your problem areas.

  5. Hason said :

    It is a common myth that working out a specific muscle group burns the fat in that area.

    Truth is, your body doesn’t work that way. When you burn fat, you burn fat equally around your entire body. When you target a specific muscle group, you are growing and defining the muscle underneath the fat, but it does not burn the fat off that area any more than the rest of your body.

    Just look at the infomercials about ab workouts. Every time you see the people on TV with ripped abs, don’t you notice that the rest of their body is ripped too. You never see someone with ripped abs and thier shoulders and arms are flabby.

  6. Jen R said :

    I follow a pilates abdominal exercise video & find that after a couple of tries I was able to finish more of the video (some workouts on the video are challanging). SO I would like to think that I am starting to strenghten the abdominal muscles, and in turn that should help me lose some of that weight.

    Hope you find something that works for you.

  7. Mom O said :

    THeres a tummy tightener oil if you want to see- but its for postbaby sagging skin


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