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best exercise for all around toning and fat loss?

is it running? how much should i do it to lose, say, 15 pounds

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5 Responses to “best exercise for all around toning and fat loss?”

  1. Master Chief said :

    running is alright but it doesnt tone your arms. you’d have to do some push ups and pull ups too

  2. Liz said :

    Jogging or an elliptical-at least 30 min to an hour a day.Plus lower your daily calories

  3. Emily said :

    ya hands down running! I lost 20 lbs by sophmore year by running nightly mon-fri. and eating lean cuisines surprisingly (just minimal eating), it was easier then i thought actually, took probably about 5 months

  4. Shelley said :

    For all over body fitness either the elliptical trainer or swimming(front crawl) best all over workout to tone and lose weight!

  5. Brooke said :

    I bought the Insanity workout program this summer, which is a mix of cardio and strength training done with no weights/equipment. Although the program kicks your but and you won’t be able to walk for the first week, I found it to be fun and challenging. I saw results right away in my weight, the way I looked and my fitness level. In order to tone and lose weight you should do various exercises, I don’t know that there is a “best exercise” instead you should try a mix of cardio and strength training.


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