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What is the best way to lose fat off your face?

MY cheeks are somewhat cubby, not inkeeping with the rest of my body and I want to kow what I can do to lose this fat. I’m 22 so it cannot be puppy fat right? if it is do I just have to wait?

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4 Responses to “What is the best way to lose fat off your face?”

  1. dell3600 said :

    The face is one of the many areas to where fat accumulates during weight gain. Chubby cheeks and double chins are usually the common complains of people suffering from facial fat. Having chubby cheeks may look good for some individuals; but for others, it may appear as if their cheeks are being inflated like that of a small beach ball. Double chins are considered an eye sore for some and it does not fit on any facial structures; so it needs to be taken off. Removing fat off the face is quite a tricky process. It needs a little bit of hard work for those who do it using the natural method; and a huge budget for those who opt to go with the invasive method (surgery). Losing facial fat takes time, but certain procedures does help in trimming and firming up the face.

  2. Matthew Diamond said :

    Everyone is different in the way that they store fat. So when we reach an excess of calories and put on fat, it can be put on first or in the largest amount at particular parts of our bodies hence the common: girls putting fat on their bums and thighs and guys getting beer bellies.

    Your body must unfortunately have a tendancy to put fat on around your face.

    You cannot spot train this away but can effectively manage this if you do cardio and other intense calories burning exercises to burn off fat.
    You will eventually burn the fat off your face.

  3. Em07 said :

    There’s not much you can do for that. There’s no such thing as “spot reduction” when it comes to losing fat. Since you’re still pretty young it MAY still be left over baby fat. More than likely though if you start a diet & weight loss plan (even if you consider yourself to not be overweight) you will lose the “fat” in your face. I know this speaking from experience. Personally, to get rid of the chubbiness for myself I started a food journal (1200 calories, 120g carbs, 30g fat) & started exercising daily. In just 3-4 months my face slimmed down tremendously & even now that is the first thing people notice about my weight loss. I didn’t realize I had that much to lose until I started this. Maybe that’s what you need to do?? Hope this was some help.

    Good Luck! =)

  4. The Wild Man said :

    Try the lil Jack workout
    to burn fat fast


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