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How can I lose fat from my face?

I don’t eat junk food and work out every day. My body is slim and toned, however my face has always been chubby. I just can’t lose fat from my cheeks and chin! I can’t afford liposuction and I hear that fat loss injection treatments are unsafe and don’t work. Does anyone know any other way?

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4 Responses to “How can I lose fat from my face?”

  1. johnandsuemcd said :

    the only way i know is by smoking. by constant drawing on cigarettes you somehow develop hollow cheeks.i know because thats how mine are.but i would not suggest that avenue if you are a non smoker.

  2. jayla271 said :

    well i’m not sure of your body type but if you can afford to loose some pounds then i would until you feel your happy with your face. Also I have a big face with big cheeks, A couple years ago i developed an eating disorder and even when i got to my lowest weight , i still had my big cheeks! some things you can just never loose, but you can help modfiy it! with just some dayly workouts.

  3. brimir7 said :

    I’m sorry to tell you this but what you are trying to do is called “spot reduction.” This means trying to lose weight from a certain part of your body. Unfortunately, that’s impossible.

    Every person’s body puts on weight in a certain order and then loses it in the opposite order. So let’s say you put your weight on in your hips, thighs, stomach, and face. If you start to lose weight you will notice losing weight in your face first, then your stomach, thighs ,and lastly your hips. Of course, the pain of this is that the area that is the worst is almost always the area that you want to lose weight, which is almost always the last area to lose weight. My guess is that for you that is your face.

    The answer is to keep exercising and eating right. Try to make steady advances in both. Eventually, that weight will come off.

  4. georgek1977 said :


    I know how you feel, I’ve been there!

    You could try:

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    Have a great day



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