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How do I get a better diet and lose weight?

I know I have a horrible diet. I only eat junk food and everthing else that is horrible. I am about 5 feet, 130 lbs
and I’m 13 years old (female). I want to become heathly and fit.

My aunts wedding is in a months, and if I gain anymore weight I won’t be able to fit in my dress.

I start highschool in 3 months, and I don’t want to look any fatter, maybe skinner. Even though i weigh a lot I lucky don’t look it, but I know my weight is unhealthy and I”m sick of that.

I am basically addicted to to sugar, when I’m with my friend we buy tons of candy and there is a store that sells tons of candy only about 2 streets away from my house and anthor about 5 streets away.

It’s the summer and I always buy slushies most dsays because it’s so hot.

My friends really don’t help anyway at all because all they want is candy and they persude me to get it too.

How can I lose weight, become heathy and get fit?

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16 Responses to “How do I get a better diet and lose weight?”

  1. wantu_waiting said :

    Push yourself away from the table

  2. KillerCows said :

    I know how you can lose 10 pounds really fast!

    Answer.. Cut your head off. lol

    Ok just kidden, stay away from pop, meat, and sugary objects and your do fine. And exercise based on your modivational level.

  3. Mike said :

    Burn more calories everyday. It sounds simple but it works. Most people do not know how to calculate this. The basic formula is Calories Consumed minus Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) minus Physical Activity.

    Click here for a good example of what to eat:

    The current issue of “Muscle and Fitness” magazine has some excellent workout routines that won’t get you bored.

    Remember, diet and exercise is best for lasting weight loss.

  4. melissa said :

    a VERY great site FREE and lots of people and diet plans and tips to help you out.

  5. rat1head said :

    Commitment and education. Plain and simple.

    I went from 270lbs to 170lbs. Each diet works differently for each individual. Find what works for you and STICK with it. A key to any diet = LOTS of water. Remember, dieting isn’t temporary…it’s a LIFESTYLE change. Diet to get the weight off, then learn to control what you eat with healthy choices.

    For me, the Atkins Diet was my way out of that misery. Some motivation in my link below.

  6. be_nice_or_go_to_hell said :

    Don’t think that drinking slushies to relieve summer heat is your problem. The best way to become fit, is a lot of exercise, and a reasonable diet. try to bargain with yourself not to eat absolutely every morsel of junk food, but to eat good food too. Something interesting… once I went on a 100% no junk food diet for about 3 weeks, after that, I ate a couple pieces of cake, and I felt so bad I thought I was going to die. If you let go of junk food in general, you will feel better. Just pick your favorites so you don’t feel deprived. hey slushies are fun!

  7. Gintaras said :

    f*** diet, just eat 3 times a day and work out, at least walk for 30 minutest every single day, no metter what, even if it’s huricane out side, just walk for 30 minutest, then umm, if your not realy bussy do some seadups pushups e.t.c.

  8. Betty A said :

    Use the 40 day program of the Maker’s Diet.

  9. pretty_in_pink said :

    try this its healthy and works great>>>

  10. ♥Cowgirl♥ said :

    I’m also 13, a female and I fit about your height and weight! Why don’t you email me and we can talk? I’d really like to lose weight too because I can’t seem to stay away from sugar either! Good luck!

  11. the baldchemist said :

    Dont get despondent.You do need to change your diet though .
    Look go and take a look at these guys have helped loads of people in your position and they have totally changed their lives for the better.
    Take care.

  12. Tawat C said :

    Stick notice papers at five or more places in your house where you can easily see. Each notice paper should say different words but same meaning like this: “Eat less fat and sugar, KK, or sugar and fat will destroy your dreams!” “Your future depends on sugar and junk food!”, etc.

  13. Peirre DeFlare said :

    The trick to loosin’ weight weight is loosin’ your apitite! The reason people eat so much food because their apitite. That’s the most hardest part of loosing your weight! Another hard thing is trying to let go of your everyday food!

  14. Pam K said :

    I just recently lost 30 lbs following the Weight Watchers point system. I have really changed my way of eating and I am conscious of all food I put in my mouth. I don’t go to meetings. I am just doing it on my own. My blood pressure has gone down to a very good level. A good site to check out is It has point amounts for all types of restaurant food. Good Luck!

  15. kadel said :

    Exercise every day, even if it’s just a walk. Go on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Eat fish, eggs, chicken, occasional lean beef or pork, low fat cottage cheese. Stay away from regular cheese, no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, peas, beans (except green beans). Only one piece of fruit a day and no fruit juice (it’s sugar water, my dr says). Cut down on carrots and tomatoes (included ketchup). Use mustard instead of mayonnaise in recipes. Eat lots of salads, green vegetables. Salads only have one tablespoon of dressing for the whole salad. No ice cream, or other desserts.

  16. G N said :

    Here are some articles which would be of your help:

    Dieting And Exercise To Lose Weight

    6 dieting tips to lose weight

    Weight Loss Diet – Choose The Best And Persevere


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