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What is the best way to loose fat and gain muscle for a teenager?

I am 16, a swimmer, 120 pounds, and about 5’8″.

I have slim body but i never have had abs.
I dont have much fat anywhere in my body except in my lower stomach. i can see the top two abs in my stomach but that is it.
How can i loose my lower abs fat and tone up the rest of my body a bit.

I currently stopped swimming and began running/walking about 6 miles a week. More exercise would not be a problem.

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4 Responses to “What is the best way to loose fat and gain muscle for a teenager?”

  1. cheering4u_6 said :

    i would say probably you should do some situps to get a six pac and go to a gym and lift weights or something?!!? thats what I would do

  2. jepner25 said :

    Ooh, that is the toughest area to work on. Here are a few guidelines – other than this it will just take commitment, time, and some patience. Reverse crunch workouts. If you’re familiar with the dip station (where you get up on two bars and raise and lower yourself), get in facing outwards and instead of doing dips, rest your forearms on the bars and rest straight up and down. Then raise your knees until they are at least a 90 degree angle. Do a few sets of these until exhaustion. Also using a decline bench and doing reverse crunches (where you would lower yourself down until you are parallel with the ground and then come back up, as opposed to starting on your back) are great. There are more variations, but those two are best. Running is also great. 6 miles a week should do you pretty well – I’d say run about a mile or so every to every other day. And then diet is huge. Cut the carbs. Supplement with protein intake for hunger, but I’d say NO carbs after 5pm, as we all tend to be more idle in the evening and those carbs go straight to fat. I hope this helps. Good luck.

  3. Obscidian Blackbird McKnight said :

    Cardio Vascualr Exercise Like Running Walking And Swimming Is Great For Losing Weight And Getting Fitter But If You Want To Tone Up Your Abs, Situps And Stomach Crunches Are Definately The Way To Go (Y)

  4. CelticBunny said :

    This site has some good exercise tips. There’s also a lotta magazines available in any drugstore / bookstore.


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