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What is a good exercise for slimming down your hips?

I’ve been working out – a lot of cardio, mostlyl the elliptical. I’m trying to focus now on slimming down my hips. What is the best exercise to focus on for that body part? Is walking/running on the treadmill the way to go?

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2 Responses to “What is a good exercise for slimming down your hips?”

  1. Sarahsmama said :

    Walking on the treadmill is the best way to tone your hips. The higher incline you go, the better.

  2. ally_gator005 said :

    Try running about and down the stairs for a week or so. Afterwards you can increase the work out by climing the stairs two steps at a time (take as much time as you need to begin with… just focus on really using your body to pull yourself up – wihtout the railing!)

    This I suppose is a cheaper more practical approach to an incline on a treadmill but with the stairs you’re fighting gravity a little harder because the track isnt coming to you – you really have to push yourself up those steps!


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