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What is the best way to lose stomach fat quickly?

Because I have been doin crunches for a couple of months now and im not seeing any results. Can someone give me some ab workout tips that are effective?

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5 Responses to “What is the best way to lose stomach fat quickly?”

  1. beachgirl said :

    This page has lots of information about losing excess belly fat. I hope it helps you like it did me…good luck!

  2. hot47qt said :

    Pilate’s/ it works all of your core muscles. Crunches only work one part of the abs. CLA is also good, it helps burn fat in the ab area, but it works slow… but slow is better because then the weight will not just come back on. You can buy it at Wal-Mart or any health food store.

  3. dkgoode said :

    The greatest way to lose stomach fat is to run…
    Another way to really speed the fat loss is to eat healthy.
    Drink lots of water it will speed your matabalism up.
    Sit ups tone and build your abbs. It will not show unless u lose the fat that’s on top of them. Best of luck!

  4. Ryan said :
  5. Healthy Helen said :

    just go on morning walk regularly and do some light exercises.avoid fast and junk foods


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