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What are your 2 biggest questions you have about losing weight and getting fit?

If you could ask me (a personal trainer) and 2 questions about losing weight what would they be? I am trying to find out the best way to help people lose weight and get the body that they really deserve….

Please post your 2 biggest questions..

I had no idea this many questions would be coming in…..Some of you I dont have a way to email and some of you im trying to email as soon as possible!

So please please please leave your email address and I will shoot you an answer asap!

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18 Responses to “What are your 2 biggest questions you have about losing weight and getting fit?”

  1. help:) said :

    How to not fluctuate in weight.

    Antideppressants and weight gain/loss…help!!!

  2. Princess ♥ said :

    Why is food so good?
    Why is exercising so boring?

  3. Matt said :

    From my weight, how long would it take with training 2 times a week to get in my target weight group?

    What are the most effective exercises to lose chest and stomach fat?

  4. Ali said :

    well mine’s not necessarily about losing weight but more about toning up. to me, it’s really important to be in good shape because it helps me feel good about myself. but i find myself craving all sorts of crap food all the time.

    how to stop the cravings???

    also how to tone up without gaining lots of muscle bulk? (i’ve heard lots of reps on very low weights on the weight machines mixed with some cardio… is this true?)

    and… (i know, i know, this is 3 questions, lol sorry) how to get motivated for long-distance running? i’d love to get into it since my friend does it and she’s just in amazing shape, but once i start running all i can think of is how i want to stop. any suggestions on how to just keep going?

    also… any chance, since you are a personal trainer and i’d like to get a professional’s answers on these questions, you could email me back some answers? thanks =)

  5. Iris said :

    how fast could I reasonably take to lose about 15 pounds?? when I am only overweight by that much??? what is the best excerise you can do..

  6. Sarah said :

    What is the best diet to stick with to lose 10 pounds within 2-3 months?

    What types of exercise make your body look thin and slim?
    (not lean/muscular)

  7. RALPH said :

    how do you loose your love handles (muffin top)?
    Does wearing a lot of clothes when working out make you loose weight faster?

  8. Ryan said :

    what is the easiest way to lose belly fat?
    How can you lose fat while weight training without losing muscle?

    im sry but i have one more question

    Do supplements such as creatine and whey protein actually work and if not are there any over he counter inexpensive vitamins or supplements that do?

  9. ◘-•Saku/-◘ said :

    How do i stop eating when im bored?
    How come no diet works?

  10. Linz said :

    How do I eat healthy at school(with just fried foods) and at home with parents who refuse to eat healthy?
    What do I eat when I go to restaurants?

  11. |Reaper•727•| said :

    why do i try my bit to eat healthy but yet i dont lose weight?
    im not big on excercise..
    whats a basic excercise i can do to lose tons of weight

  12. sydn3yisfr3sh said :

    how can i stop bingeing?

    and how do you stick to your diet?
    i can never stick and i binge and i find myself getting fatter and fatter…

  13. Evan's Baby Bear(: said :

    what are some exercise that would show you results fast?

    THe 1st few pounds are easy to lose, how to lose the rest?

  14. Raen said :

    I like to jog inside my home, but I always give myself shin splints, even though I stretch. What else can I do to prevent that?

    Do you think it’s a good idea for Mike Nelson of MST3K fame to eat nothing but bacon for a month?

    Since this is Yahoo!, I guess I need to specify that I know the answer to the second one. I just felt like sharing the story

  15. Austin said :

    1.) What do I need to be looking at on the nutritional information on food, such as grams of fat or calories?

    2.) Is it alright if I have the occasional piece of cake or ice cream cone?

    I believe the major obstacle holding people back from losing weight is what they eat. I would love to know how much/what kinds of foods I need to eat to lose weight and body fat.

  16. Sunshine_Girl said :

    Question 1: I workout everyday, how come I can’t get my body to look lean, my legs just look muscular?

    Question 2: I want tight abs, what are the best exercises to get them? I have tried so many sit-ups, and it’s just not helping.

  17. bettletimes said :

    1) even though i eat healthy (and the right amount portion wise) and exercise, why is it so hard to get back to my prepregnancy size?

    2) how do i get my prepregnancy abs back?

    ([email protected])

  18. Kyla J said :

    The key for losing weight is easy – consume less and workout more – the difficulties surface when we actually try to put that into practice! There are a lot of stumbling blocks in the big wide world don’t you think?! The sole thing which clearly delivered for me was wu-yi tea, it can be checked out in the resource box underneath, they have a few free trials remaining, it was reported in Fox News and USA Today. I shed twenty five pounds, it clearly does produce success!


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