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What is an example of losing weight in an unhealthy manner?

People keep talking about losing weight the healthy way. How do you lose weight the unhealthy way?

I’m not trying to do it, I just want to know what everyone is talking about and how people achieve it. I’d like to know how to achieve it to sort of understand what these people go through.

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9 Responses to “What is an example of losing weight in an unhealthy manner?”

  1. RHS said :

    Not eating.

    Throwing up everywhere.

  2. undercover said :

    starve yourself to death (yes people have actually done that)
    the healthy way is to eat as much protein, cut down on your carbs and work out a lot.

  3. Michelle L said :

    a bad way to lose weight would be to take amphetamines, and not eating. there are lots of bad ways,

  4. Sica said :

    Sawing one of your legs off

  5. frankturk50 said :

    Cut off your head.

  6. ANF said :

    Eating then making yourself sick, taking laxatives to expel your waste before nutrients and fats have be processed out, eating far to little to sustain proper life, drinking only water, eating only fat free food (we need some daily fat for good health. Just a few, hope they help.

  7. dream and awake said :

    ive been diagnosed with the eating disorder EDNOS for nearly 2 years. i starve myself over several days and then ill pig out on the fattiest, highest carlorie food then make myself sick. the reason behnd it is the fact i dont feel good enough, and when i post things on here about my weight people just dont understand, which i realise as it’s so hard to imagine what were going through. for instance, atm, my measurments are: chest is 27, waist is 23 and my hips are 33 but i have to lose more weight. i don’t feel comfortable in my own skin and that is the worst thng anyone couldgo trhough.

  8. mike h said :

    Starve yourself, or follow any of the ridiculous fad or celeb diets found in those pathetic womens magazines!

  9. GoodGracious said :

    Any type of fasting or ‘detox’ diets.


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