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Ive lost weight and cant tell the difference… help… how can i prove to myself ive lost the weight?

Im 19 years old and i did weigh 211lbs, and over this past year and i am still losing weight … but all together so far i have lost 42lbs which makes me to weigh 169lbs and i am 5ft 6, the problem i am having is everyone else notices ive lost weight except me! how can i show myself i am actually smaller?

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14 Responses to “Ive lost weight and cant tell the difference… help… how can i prove to myself ive lost the weight?”

  1. David said :

    how about a scale?

  2. Chishio said :

    You still have to lose more.

  3. Rachel said :

    It’s probably unnoticeable because you have done it gradually and healthily, well done 🙂
    You will notice, like clothes being too big or fitting better. And you dress size will go down.

  4. Enza said :

    it’s probably because you see yourself all the time everyday so the change is gradual. maybe compare yourself from a picture of you before you lost the weight and you’ll notice a difference
    but either way great job for loosing 42lbs!

  5. jeark said :

    Oh I see what you mean. You should have token before and after pictures or if you still have some compare them. 42 lbs makes a huge difference and congratulations on that. But yes before and after pictures help a lot with your problem

  6. Qminster said :

    check how much more space there is in your bra. your bras should feel a lot looser nowadays (unless you had silicone in them)

    other methods aside. well all you need to do is look at your old belt. which link/hole are you using now and which link /hole were you using then?

  7. Matty said :


    This is normally the stage in which dieters normally give up! DONT!

    People will start noticing the difference, and having people telling you that you look as thought you have lost weight and that you look good is one of the best feelings in the world.

    Don’t give up,,,,,,you WILL see the difference soon and you will be pleasantly rewarded…..

    Good luck, and keep at it 😉

    Matty 😀

  8. Shane said :

    Start taking before and after photos. Space them out, say, 2-3 months. Hide the before photo from yourself until you reach that day, once you compare the two I’m sure you’ll be shocked at how different you look.

  9. Helen said :

    well done thats really good keep it up…
    one why i used to try is to keep a measurement of ur waist, thighs and arms and then once u’ve lost more weight do it again and you’ll notice inches droppin off..
    also buy a top a size smaller than u are and keep seein if u can fit in it 🙂

  10. Ava_Adore said :

    So its pyschological. .

    You should try on clothes that fit you when you were at your heaviest. . you will SEE the difference between now and then.

    Look back at old pictures of you and pictures of you at you lighter weight. .

  11. Dark said :

    I had the same problem too.
    Maybe you should try taking photos and compare them with photos of when you were heavier.

  12. Sharon F said :

    try on some pants that used to be just a little too tight – they should fit now. Or a pair that didnt fit at all. Measure yourself from now on also – thighs, waist, hips etc. This is a better indicator than the scales.

    Lastly, well done!!!!!

  13. kim14electra said :

    You have to lose a lot to notice the difference.

  14. Lillie said :

    im exactly the same, i only lost like a stone, but people have apparently noticed ive lost weight – and i see no difference!! i’m starting to think theyre just saying it


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