wot’s the best way to lost weight fast, I’m stuck in a rot, and cant shift my weight, Ive tryed,everything an

and nothing, is working, i exercise and dont eat rubbish, wots wrong, please help.

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7 Responses to “wot’s the best way to lost weight fast, I’m stuck in a rot, and cant shift my weight, Ive tryed,everything an”

  1. wholenewworld said:

    You want to accelerate your metabolism. Eat as many times a day as you possible can. 10 times if you can. But always small portions: portions that never leave you famished, just make your hunger go away, and if you feel that you could eat/ feel like eating a bit more, just then stop yourself. Eat JUST ENOUGH. I mean it. Not how much you want, just enough so you are not hungry. You can eat again in an hour, never binge eat.

    Do not eat sweets or pasta or whitebread. Just wholemeal bread. Bit of rice.
    Food combining is what helps you lose weight, no carbs and protein together. (No meat and potatoes together that is for instance) And 3 hours between carbs and protein. So first 3 hours: bread and vegetables. Then perhaps do some exercises: after that chicken and vegetables.
    Eat plenty plenty and even more vegetables. Before eating meat, which should be lean, white meat, have some apple to help you digest. Apples always on their own and before meals.
    Fruit only by themselves and in the morning, not in the evening. In the evening better to have protein.

    Exercise for at least 20 mins at once, afterwards eat protein. But again do not binge eat. Eat just what is enough. You can eat again in an hour again. You need to eat after exercises.

    Drink lots of water.

    Do not ever think about making yourself vomit or taking laxatives or going off food..
    If you have problems losing weight, make sure you have no digestive problems and that your thyroid functions well.

  2. Wiggy said:

    You aren’t going to “lose weight fast” A] that is one of the most difficult things to do B] it is unhealthy to lose more than 1-2 lbs a day.

    You say you don’t eat “rubbish”, maybe try eating those healthy meals, just eat less. Eat less and less at every meal, if you feel hungry, drink green tea. Definitely continue at least 30min of anaerobic excersize every day.

    Hope this helps.

  3. ny said:

    go wheat free. No pasta, pizza, bread and so on. And no food after 7 p.m.
    I know a woman who lost 60 pounds a month on it. She did nothing else!

  4. Weezilmom said:

    First of all, you realize that the fast amount of weight you lose first is usually “water weight” and will come off fast and easy, and then afterwards it comes off slowly. Change your routine in exercising – you have reached a plateau and need to “jazz up” your exercising – try something different, and keep it going. Remember, you won’t see results overnight. Have you checked with your doctor on this? You know you can’t “spot reduce” the weight (like off you belly, butt, legs, etc). It takes a lot of work and determination. Get with a friend, exercise together, give each other help when feeling down, try new receipes, etc. Remember, you won’t lose the weight overnight, it takes time. Just keep yourself motivated.

  5. geeandjay said:

    Okay, I have two suggestions. First, the food!

    GO ON A GRAPEFRUIT DIET: due to the acidity of this fruit, fat is very quickly busted!!! IT’S TRUE AND IT WORKS (celebs do it too) But make sure you still get other vitamins.

    Here’s the answer. Chinese drink tea. (real chinese tea, not the cheap stuff you get from western companies) Hot tea at meal times ensure an extremely low fat absorption rate. Do it! Drink tea! (drinking HOT tea at mealtimes also lowers your chances of getting cardivascular diseases and heart attacks)

    Eating less with control your eating, eating nothing will increase your snack intake. (quite simple)

    Okay, despite what celebs seem to ‘do’, running at 10000km/h on a treadmill for 2 min will NOT make you lose weight! It will make you very tired, but definitely not lose weight as your body takes time to switch into the ‘burning calories’ mode. (This is scientifically proven)
    Instead, get an exercise bike, and ride it using this formula:

    Sprint (really fast) for 8 seconds
    Relax (ride slowly) for 12 second
    Repeat this for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week.

    or, if you can’t afford one, take a brisk 20min jog using the same formula.

    Hope this helps!!

  6. Zipper said:

    First off I don’t think you know english very good. You might just be in great shape. I’m not sure what you look like and some people just think they are fat.

  7. Man M said:

    Ok there is a couple ways. You can do body clensing. Or you can use the calorie shifting method that is introduce on the fat loss 4 idiots. Read these articles belows. Trust me they work. And they work fast!


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