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Does cutting out carbs really help you lost weight fast?

I’m not cutting out all carbs, I’m just drastically reducing the amount of starchy carbs (bread, pasta, rice) I’m still eating fruits and veggies- so I’d like to know from anyone that’s done something similar if it really helped them lose weight quickly?

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11 Responses to “Does cutting out carbs really help you lost weight fast?”

  1. lookilu56 said :

    Yes it will. You are eating the right things. Exercise helps a lot too.

  2. mom26 said :

    Yeah…but the first few days are HELL because you want to eat other foods sooooo bad and you get bad headaches…but after the 2nd or 3rd day youre good to go.

  3. robinallsup said :

    Yes. Eat good carbs and cut out bad carbs. Bad carbs are junk foods which have no nutritional value – just empty calories.

  4. rache0116 said :

    yes, cutting carbs will make you lose faster but you still need to excercise regularly.

  5. Joy M said :

    It can, but it’s very easy to gain that weight back should you reintroduce starches into your diet.

  6. dork_mastr said :

    Yes, as long as you do it the correct way, which is sounds like you are.. And make sure you are exercising. Cutting out all carbs will also make you lose weight, but you can’t eat like that forever so eventually you will gain it back

  7. hawkthree said :

    Going low carb, I lost 40 pounds in 3 months. Low carb means no fruit because fruit is high in sugar.
    I’m still lower carb (with cheating on ice cream occasionally) and 6 years later, I’ve kept off 30 of the 40 pounds.

  8. daisy said :

    As long as you are still getting about 50 % of your diet from carbs, according to the ACSM, you need to eat that much to maintain healthy energy levels..the no carb diets are not healthy for anyone, just ask a dietician. Choose low glycemic carbs such as apples, lentils, baked beans, most veggies, yogurt, pears, muesli, rice, etc.

  9. sasyone said :

    I went on the Atkins low carb diet,followed it to the letter and lost 18 lbs the first month.I dropped two pant sizes.Without eating carbs your body will burn your stored fat and its usually in the belly area that goes first.

  10. mindy m said :

    yes it does. About a year after my first kid I got really depressed and almost started wearing an 18. Started the carb diet and dropped back to a 14 before I knew it. I literally went down to less than 20 g a day but couldn’t do it for long. After I dropped the weight I went back to my normal eating and still haven’t gained any back. That was 7 years & 2 pregnancies ago. Now I’ve started to excersize to get the rest off

  11. greatboogerjoe said :

    You know it does work, but be careful. Use moderation when on that type of diet. Starches and breads are part of the 4 food groups and if you cut out two much of one there could be bad results. My friend cut all breads out and after two weeks her hair started to fall out.


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