I lost some weight. Everyone but myself is able to notice it?

I feel very hidious. And to be honest I look the same as I did before to me anyway. But I notice people treat me different. I get winks and it makes me uncomfortable because I feel ugly. I have not been trying to lose weight. I went from 151 to 137 pounds. I am 5’2. Why do I feel so hideous?

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3 Responses to “I lost some weight. Everyone but myself is able to notice it?”

  1. PC User said:

    I never figured out why weight is important… why is it important?

  2. Fufu said:

    because you still feel self conscious about your body
    but the reality is that everyone feel self conscious
    it really doesn’t matter what other people think about
    what you need to do is get confidence
    you’re not fat
    and just feel good about yourself and what you have accomplished

  3. PowaLifta said:

    The reason you dont notice it is because you see yourself everyday in the mirror so you still see the same person you saw 2 months or how ever long ago but cos people or freinds dont see you all the time they will see the difference


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