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I’ve lost weight but i can’t actually tell..?

I lost 4lbs one week and 4lbs the week after, but i can’t actually tell.

Another thing too is that i hold allot of my weight on my stomach, is there any ways to help speed up the process of losing weight from that area as well as the rest of my body?

Please any tips on losing weight and what exercises etc to do would really help me, thanks =D

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6 Responses to “I’ve lost weight but i can’t actually tell..?”

  1. LauLew said :

    I’m the same when i lose weight i can never really tell.
    Detoxing for two days really helped me and then exercise wise i recommend going on the cross trainer and the rowing machine. Try doing so many sit-ups a day and then gradually increasing them daily.
    Good Luck!

  2. Todd said :

    yes with a PEP or personal exercise program, go to a gym, get a gym man and he will fix it….. for a price

  3. Lundon said :

    U can’t lose weight in 1 area really.U have to work all around your body so
    u will eventually lose weight evenly.I hoped I helped.

  4. Nickia said :

    trust me the scales dont lie.
    and in a way its a good thing that you cant see it yet, coz believe me i was the same as you, so i kept at it and already got myself into an active routine, bu as soon as i realised i was losing weight, i was happier, confident and buizzing, then automatically i wasnt worried abut losing weight anymore, then i put it back on.

  5. yaaaa said :

    you prob cant see it because thats mostly water/muscle weight you lost

  6. mop_uk2000 said :

    I’ve recently lost quite a bir of weight, and although I wasn’t noticing, I found that those who didn’t see me on a regular basis began to notice. Keep up the good work!

    Regarding the stomach area, i’m exactly the same as you. Ab crunches etc are supposed to be the best form of ecercise for this, but it is the most tricky area.

  7. six pack abs workouts said :

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