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What is a good way to lose weight post-pregnancy?

What is a good way to lose weight post-pregnancy? I seem to keep gaining weight, I don’t really know what the best way to start losing weight, I have my kid all the time so going to a gym is not really a option. What are some things I can do at home?

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4 Responses to “What is a good way to lose weight post-pregnancy?”

  1. BarbieK said :

    you could get a home video to do like aerobics or something?

    also a change in diet (depending what you eat now)

    you could also go for daily walks with the baby?

    hope this helps 🙂

  2. jgsinglemom said :

    I had this problem after having my daughter. She will be two in February and I am still working on losing the weight. I have found the most important thing is to make sure that I am eating small meals through out the day. This helps to give me energy to take care of my daughter and I am starting to see the inches come off.

    To figure out what to eat on these small meals, I started the Flat Belly Diet by Prevention. I write about my experience in my buzz blog in my sources.

  3. mansionghost said :
  4. Leyla A said :

    It is hard – no doubt about it… and the older you are …the harder it gets! You could try Weight Watchers if you can afford the time and costs – their Points plan makes it very easy to fit in with family life. The other alternate I would suggest from experience is a book called the Hip & Thigh Diet….sounds a bit naff but it works very well for a lifestyle change – I have followed the basic principles for about 10 or so years. If you haven’t got a dodgy metabolism and if you can manage to walk a half every even every second day you will find it helps. If money and no alcohol are not an object then see if there is a Sure Slim near you and go along and join up. Either way don’t look for a diet so much as a way of life which all of the 3 above can offer you with out any craziness – no shakes and special pills, no voodoo just a focus on being disciplined and eating fresh healthy foods in the correct portions to loose or maintain weight.
    One last thing…. talk to your doctor if it has been a while since you have had a health check. If you have high blood pressure, thyroid or diabetes in the family you should definately see the doctor first.


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