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Why do people think there is some kind of quick fix to losing weight and getting fit?

Why do people think that getting fit and losing weight can be done over night. There are so many people on here asking how to lose weight in a week and get a flat stomach. It just makes me laugh.

If it was that easy surely everyone would be skinny and mega fit!!

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6 Responses to “Why do people think there is some kind of quick fix to losing weight and getting fit?”

  1. heartfruitsalad said :

    I know what you mean, but wishful thinking is the prerogative of the young.

  2. Bob G said :

    people aren’t disciplined anymore. tv, videogames, microwaves, and various other tools that accelerate our lives and our thinking make people think that everything can be attained overnight.

    I think eastern philosophy and martial arts training from a young age counters this. it teaches more people to be patient with the world around them and observe, contemplate, and understand as opposed to log-on, order, and get.

  3. Ray <3 said :

    I agree, and I’m the exact opposite! I went to a gym and had a consultation and the lady said I could lose 12 pounds and 3 pant sizes in 6 weeks. Considering I’m WELL within a healthy weight range now, I think it’s total BS.. That seems to be losing too fast to me!

    I mean, I think if you work hard you can see SOME progress in a couple weeks, or if you start out being very overweight, but when your 110lbs your not losing the weight that fast. But hardly anyone is capable of 40lb/month.

    Just like people thinking 30 mins of cardio twice a week will let them lose 3 pounds. WTF?

    Anyways, I agree. I think a bit of progress can be made in that time but not the amount people are talking about!

  4. FabFourFan said :

    Because they are
    1) Lazy, and don’t feel like actually putting in the work.

    2) Overly optimistic, and believe anything is possible.

    3) Have seen way to many bad weight-loss commercials, and think that one can lose forty pounds in two weeks.

    4) Just plain stupid.

  5. theninjette said :

    People don’t like the idea of honest, hard work to achieve results. They would rather believe that there is some simple, lazy solution; because that is just easier for them to accept. Unfortunately that’s not going to get them results. And that is what makes the crap fad diet industry billion dollars every year – telling people that there is some magical fast way that requires no effort on their part really rakes in the dough.

    You would think people would figure it out, seeing all the obese people around them struggling to walk and toting diet pills and magic shakes in their grocery cart. It obviously isn’t working for them, so how about trying something different? Like eating right and exercising? What a shame.

  6. Jacie said :

    i think for one some people dont know how to treat their body thats would be why they are asking and how they got into the predicerment -cant hurt to ask and all that, and secondly i think it is because society tells us that everything can be done quickly (-“spray and wipe” “loose 3 pounds everyday” “get your meal in only 2 minutes or get it free!!”) that in combination with the wishful thinking. Perhaps it might also be thought that if given a fast date they will be move inclined to go through with the action


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