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What are some good workouts for getting muscles and losing some weight?

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4 Responses to “What are some good workouts for getting muscles and losing some weight?”

  1. kate said :

    i love swimming and it works great…im losing like crazy

  2. Lety M said :

    lots and lots of cardio will help you lose alot of weight. I know its def worked for me. Try the eliptical it works great!

  3. Theresa Nouvel said :

    well for mainly u have to eat healthy. eat things with not many calories. then try to go jogging every day. ( it has to be regular)
    after a while i am sure this will work, because i have been true the same:)


    XOXO Theresa Nouvel

  4. Impulse said :

    well as a girl you want lean muscle not bulk muscle anyways. Best way to do that is to run for 20 to 30 min in the morning light easy nothing crazy, listen to music it will make it easier. Then before you go to bed do abs and push ups for maybe 15 minutes or go to the gym and try to get some light weight high reps in. Watch what you eat, lots of protein will get you there faster. Mix your protein powder like ARIA (good for women because its soy based protein) with your cereal milk and try staying away from heavy foods like loads of pasta. lean muscle =)


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