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Getting a tattoo when I am going to be losing some weight..?

I am planning on losing about 10-15 pounds but was wanting to get a tattoo right below my collarbone.. I wanted to know if this area will shrink and cause the tattoo to look weird. I know it’s not a signicant amount of weight loss but wanted to know!

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3 Responses to “Getting a tattoo when I am going to be losing some weight..?”

  1. Sapphire Kotev said :

    its not a large amount of weight.. but i think you should loose it first. then get the tattoo.

    you dont want to take chances with something that permanent

  2. SteF RaWr! said :

    Well hun, it doesn’t seem to me that there will be anything to be afraid of when loosing the weight and having the tatt look weird. That part of your body should not shrink significantly to where the tattoo will be morphed.

  3. tjcj said :

    If you want it now, go get it. If you want to wait, then wait. But either way it’s not going to affect the tattoo. Your skin isn’t going to shrink. 10-15 lbs isn’t going to make a difference, especially in that area. Weight gain or loss is going to be noticed around your belly, legs, butt, arms, or face. Besides that, skin cells can grow and reproduce and expand to fit around any said weight gain fairly easy, but unfortunately can’t shrink or reduce it’s size as easy. People can gain weight pretty fast and your skin will grow larger, but if you lose weight fast you will have folds of extra skin to deal with.


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