What are some tips for losing weight and getting fit?

I am going into middle school and need to lose some pounds and quick! Every girl is like Super skinny there! Help please!

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  1. Justin Lin said:

    eat a proper diet and do lots and lots of cardio (running)

  2. subwayxyujykape said:

    Eat a proper diet, use a lot of cardio exercise and don’t let other students discourage you on how you look.

  3. straighthealth17 said:

    Losing weight is a simple equation: if you burn more calories than you eat, the weight will come off. Start off by estimating how many calories you burn each day using the calorie calculator http://straighthealth.com/pages/tools/caloriecalclb.html This will give you an idea of how many calories to eat. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. To lose 1 pound per week you need to create a calorie deficit (burn more than you eat) of 500 calories per day. To lose 2 pounds a week, you have to double the deficit to 1000 calories per day. You can achieve this by eating less, exercising more or a combination of both.

    Beginners Guide to Dieting – http://straighthealth.com/pages/guides/begdieting.html

  4. skipmastaflash said:

    The important thing is to get a lot of cardio, walking, riding a bike, jump rope, etc. Your in middle school so the good news is you have a fast metabolism and you can eat whatever you want. The important thing is to stay busy. Eat routinely and don’t midnight snack. Swimming is a great way to get into shape. Just don’t get stuck in front of the tv or the computer and you’ll be fine.

  5. koolguyz said:

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