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what are some easy tips for losing weight?

i have a pinched nerve that affects my back and my leg, but i want to know about some eating habits that would help me day by day lose some excess of weight…. i know i have to drink lots of water which helps to lose some calories, and i do walk in certain times…..

what foods are healthy?
maybe some type of tea that would stop the craving?
anything…thank you very much 🙂

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3 Responses to “what are some easy tips for losing weight?”

  1. sexy_n_cute5 said :

    I am curently on a diet my self and i lost 24 lbs since Jan 20 until today March 13.

    I cut out all the bad things out of my diet that i felt are holding me back:
    – sweets
    -juice ( too much sugar in store brand) make ur own freshly squeezed
    at home
    **** eat veggies with every mean
    **** i stopped eating after 8 pm
    **** eat 3 main meals
    **** snack inbetween ( fruits, yougurt, powerbar)
    ****drink alot of freshly squeezed lemon juice with warm water
    ****ALOT OF WATER!!

    it might sound like alot of work but its really not

    fisrt couple days are a lil hard but your body adjusts to it in no time remember its all about will power

    wish you luck

  2. Diet and Exercise said :

    Try the diet tips and workout videos at …

  3. brandon lee said :

    cut back on fatty foods like candy chocolate those foods that you enjoy the most… also you have to at least run two miles at a pace your very comfortable dont settle for less dont walk even though you are walking and burn calories you actually burn fat faster when you jog or run so if anything try jogging at least one lap then walk one so that later you can be able to jog even more laps without stopping so keep it up believe in yourself and the results will come “mind over matter” (=


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