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What are some basic tips for losing weight?

I’m 14 and would like to lose a bit of weight. I’m not worried about losing weight really fast or anything. I have about 5 months to slim down. I just want to get rid of my big hips and tummy. I don’t mind being a bit curvy still but I’d like to be able to wear closer fitting clothes and not be uncomfortable.

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2 Responses to “What are some basic tips for losing weight?”

  1. Mrs. Knowles! said :

    eat less move more

  2. *The Original BMF* said :

    try preparing your meals as you usually would, take 1/3 of the meat and starches off the plate, leave any veggies or salads. Also try drinking a bottle of water with a meal, drink between each bite. Try to squeeze in 20-30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week, weather it be walking, yardwork, heavy duty housework, try to break a sweat.
    You should lose 2-3 lbs a week this way.
    Also, stop drinking soda, it’s so bad for weight loss. Switch to lowfat or non-fat dairy, salad dressings, etc.
    Keep in mind a serving size of meat is about the size of a deck of playing cards.


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