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What Are Some Tips On Losing Weight?

i wanna lose some weight
please share some tips with me…thanks

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7 Responses to “What Are Some Tips On Losing Weight?”

  1. morningmud said :

    Reduce your calorie intake by 500 and burn at least 500 per day.

  2. George etc said :

    stop. eating.

  3. Smile.ツ MARRIEDScooby Snacks☆=) said :

    Exercise and eat healthyyyyyy.
    I’m tryna lose weight too, I just recently started going to the gym.

  4. I♥Y!A + Justin timberlake ;) said :

    Eat a big breakfast, and smaller dinner. More carbs earlier in the day.
    Try to eat around 1400 calories.
    Drink lots of water, eat lots of fruit & veg. They fill you up.
    Excersise for about 30 minutes, everyday. Cardio some days, then something else.

  5. The Hulk said :

    Stop drink “Sugary” drinks…
    eat breakfast so you won’t look for salty snacks or doughnuts…
    walk at least 2 miles a Day (every other day) or run a mile (every other day)…

  6. angus4 said :

    Burn more calories than you take in. Simple.

  7. *Carlos* to the Extreme said :

    Exercise: Run, jog, walk if you can’t run or jog. The idea is that you get your heart pumping for an extended amount of time. Break a sweat at least once a day, feel the heat and feel it burn. Don’t overdo it! Ask your doctor about your health [heart, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, etc.] before doing rigorous exercise. The more you do it the faster you’ll start seeing results. Don’t expect to look more slender in less than a week though.

    Eat healthy: Lay off the sodas, and sugary juices. Drink lots of water. One can of diet soda a day is fine. Have veggies with your meal portions and fill up on them. Eating a balanced meal will make you feel satisfied longer than having too much of one or two food groups. (An unbalanced meal) Stick to chicken and fish in the meats department. Avoid more sugars than the body needs. The best sugars are in fruit. Don’t forger fiber to help food move smoothly through the system. (Switch the sugary cereal to a healthier one) Have carbohydrates sparingly. If you have to choose between pasta or rice, pick rice. And if you get a choice, make it brown rice. Simple carbohydrates like pasta are okay before a marathon, but not for supper before retiring for the night. Potatoes are okay. Preferably baked. No butter or sour cream. Try with it with olive oil and a little Garlic & Herb Mrs. Dash. Avoid salad dressings, choose olive oil and vinegar, or make your own salad dressings, it’s fun. Olive oil has good fats. Avoid poly-saturated and mono-saturated fats. Go for mono-unsaturated fats, they’re good for you as well as fatty acids like Omega-3.

    Tip 1: Don’t eat white colored foods, unless it’s milk or cauliflower only.
    Tip 2: Take a B complex vitamin. They’re all about metabolism.
    Tip 3: Cinnamon helps insulin process sugar.
    Tip 4: Green Tea helps lower abdominal inflammation caused by eating bad foods.
    Tip 5: Walnuts help keep hunger at bay until you’re ready to eat.
    Tip 6: Try to avoid foods with High Fructose Corn Syrup. Stick to natural foods you can prepare.
    Tip 7: A little exercise can hold off a craving or hunger for about 30 minutes.
    Tip 8: Next time you think you’re hungry, have a glass of water. Most of the time it’s thirst, not hunger.


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