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What are some weight watcher tips for losing weight?

I have heard this is the best way to lose weight but just want some of the weight watcher tips. Thanks

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One Response to “What are some weight watcher tips for losing weight?”

  1. gmd said :

    Hi, I lost 85 pounds on Weight Watchers (six years ago) and you’re right, it is a great diet. Their tips are the same as all weight loss programs. What makes their diet so successful is the support system they offer and the fact that you learn to eat REAL food in proper amounts. If you go to easy-weightloss-tips (you know what to put in front and behind it), you’ll see a tab called “Weight Loss Tips.” There are about 5-6 pages of tips that are very helpful. (My link is blocked today because I used it too much, so I can’t put it below to help you get there…sorry.)


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