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Lost a good amount of weight recently and was thinking of getting a tattoo to celebrate the weightloss, ideas?

I’m not at my goal weight yet but I’m getting close and should get it sometime this year. So any idea would be appreciated, I always like to hear a bunch of random ideas and figure out something in the end. Have fun with this one.

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18 Responses to “Lost a good amount of weight recently and was thinking of getting a tattoo to celebrate the weightloss, ideas?”

  1. M K said :

    a over weight person!!!! idk!!!!!!!

  2. stevens937 said :

    something that motivates YOU to keep the weight off. Congrats

  3. Jen said :

    A Dragon, women find men with Dragon tattoos very smexi

  4. nataliel said :

    Maybe a word that represents a favorite quote, poem song or book?

    My favorite poem is “The Road Not Taken”, so I would have, I don’t know…

    If you like Harry Potter you should get the Deathly Hallows symbol.

  5. erv_man1 said :

    Get something that will look cool after it stretches out when you gain all your weight back.

  6. the problem solver said :

    the mcdonalds symbol

  7. luiscarlos87 said :

    I would get a tattoo of the Burger King Spicy Chicken Sandwich

  8. AWG <3 said :

    umm thats pretty kewl i would suggest something wicked which i think u already were wanting i would do something like whats most important to you like my uncle a long time ago when he bought his doberman he got a tatt of her with her name under it so ya. try something like that.

  9. Dustfinger . said :
  10. Shelby said :

    congratulations but don’t get a tattoo…they are trashy and a huge turn off. Do something else for yourself to celebrate! 🙂

  11. homegirl ツ said :

    You could get a phoenix. They symbolize rebirth/resurrection which is what your life is like now that you have lost the weight.

  12. Cj said :

    dude! u should get like your moms name or somthin that means alot to you. or u should get mario from nintendo thats pretty sweet or the green shoorm from mario alot of ppl have those! i would proly get the green shrrooms from maris game but make sure they are like in the wrist hthe shroom the girls loves it

  13. J.L. said :

    a cat chasing a mouse where the sun don’t shine. that way your employ-ability won’t be damaged. When you moon people it would be hilarious.

  14. Jessica R said :

    don’t ask people what you should get you should know that otherwise don’t get one you need one that you want and will like it’s going to be there forever!

  15. marilynmanson1213 said :

    umm maybe u could get it of Gods hands looking like hes praying with a rosary around him hands and it say “Only God Can Judge Me” i like that one

  16. Generic medicine said :

    Get fatty women…

  17. SoSolid said :

    I’d probably get the scale tatted and on the scale shows how much I weight at most.
    Sounds cheesy and original, but it’s right at the point.

    Also CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss.

  18. Sam said :

    Get something rad and original like a scale and a tape measurer winding around it and your goal weight on the scale…


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