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losing some weight off the thighs and stomach ?

ok so im a little chubby around the edges and i want to lose some weight… off my thighs and stomach… what are some exercises to help me lose this weight plz be serious and do not joke around

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2 Responses to “losing some weight off the thighs and stomach ?”

  1. Little Spamy :D said :

    fat on your stomach you can do different types of crunches. i’ll try to explain :] i got rid of my love handles in seriously one day by doing these :]

    you sit on the floor. and you sort of stretch out but keep you feet off of the floor(really important part). then you are just going to move your arms and basically your whole upper body from left to right as if you were stretching your back. go at a somewhat fast pase. and you will feel the burn after about 30 seconds :] haha

    you can also do something that reaches your lower abs. it is really hard if done right. you are going to lay on the floor with your hands under your butt.then lift your feet off of the ground 6 inches. you will feel the burn in a few seconds ;] haha. then if that gets old move your feet(together) in a circle then go the other way when comfortable. and then you can move your feet back and forth from left to right overlapping eachother. then go up and down. these are killers haha.

    and i may be mistaken but i believe i answered your question about goalie equiptment so im just guessing you play goalie 😀 haha. i do too. and a few of these drills may also help out your stomach. it is veryyyy important to have strong abs if you are a goalie.

    okay you can do normal crunches for a little bit. then do what i said up there. and then get a ball it could be normal weight at first but eventually get a weighted ball to do this. you sit on the floor. and KEEP YOUR FEET OFF OF THE FLOOR! :] you take the ball and move it around your feet go one way then the other. then take the ball and touch it to the floor on your right side then left side with your feet off the floor as fast as you can. in a twisting motion sorta. then you can get a partner to help you out with this one you will want a weighted ball for this one though. you will sit on the floor again with your feet off the floor. and your partner will toss you the ball. you catch it and throw it back. and they will throw it back again but this time you will catch it and hit the floor once on each side as fast as you can and then throw it back. repeat this for as long as you want. and hit the ground with the ball on even throws. and one more goalie drill. you can have a normal or weighted ball. and you will sit on the floor legs sorta stretched out and you will move your legs up and down and toss the ball through your legs and do this as fast as you can

    and i don’t really know anything for your thighs.. im sorry. but if you need any more goalie drills i have a few more :] and also a few more ab excercises too 😀 i hope i helped 😀

    (sorry if there are spelling errors, it stopped spell checking i guess because i typed too much haha)

  2. help-pro said :

    I would agree with the other poster as far as what exercises you want to focus on, but sometimes taking a supplement can really help speed up your weight loss.

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