What are the most effective ways to lose fat, my stomach in particular through exercise?

I have somewhat of a beer belly even though I don’t drink. Plus I could use to lose a few pounds (or 20).. Whats the best way to go about doing to this solely through exercise. I already eat healthy for the most part.

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  1. Cunfushun said:

    If you want to lose fat you need to concentrate on aerobic cardio workouts. Personally, I alternate my workouts. Like this – Day 1 Jogging or Biking for a prolonged amount of time. Remember, it takes about 20 minutes of constant activity to get to the point where your body is burning calories at optimum rate. So I usually do that activity for like an hour or so to burn a good bit of calories. Day 2 – intervals (aka sprints) for 20 minutes – try to do it twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Ideally you should run at about 85% of your full speed for 20 seconds and walk for 30 seconds. This confuses the body and it starts searching the body for quick energy for fuel. The best way to get that fuel is fat. This will help to get rid of those problem areas such as love handles. Day 3 – Weights – I usually lift for about and hour to an hour and a half and be sure to get lots of protein so your body can repair itself. If you are just starting out you may want to ease yourself into this, otherwise you will be extremely sore.


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