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What are the most effective ways to burn belly fat?

I am trying to lose some belly fat. Really it looks disgusting….What are some good tips you can give for this?

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7 Responses to “What are the most effective ways to burn belly fat?”

  1. hiraldo said:

    get excercise shitdip

  2. jagbomb said:

    exercise, crunches, situps, etc

  3. First Namedfhdhbghb said:


  4. Ryan said:

    Doing a thousand crunches won’t make you lose specifically belly fat, you can’t isolate one spot to lose weight from. They best way to lose belly fat is to do cardio, like 3-5 days a week for 20-30 minutes, jogging would be the fastest way. Also, make sure your eating a good diet.

  5. KIRKUK said:

    if muscle loss is not a concern then HIIT(6 days a week) is THE fastest way to melt the fat off – BUT don’t forget to eat fewer calories BELOW your maintenance level e/d as it would be pretty pointless to run your botty off and then gorge yourself afterwards even though this will make you feel hungry as it burns a massive amount of calories for hours while at rest so just eat around 6 small meals of complex carbs with a protein source in regular intervals to stop this hunger AND keep your metabolism fired up…

  6. Fluoride Free said:

    Blueberries can help burn belly fat. A study shows rats who ate a diet rich in blueberries lost abdominal fat. Not only that, blueberries Blueberries are extremely high in antioxidants (like Anthocyanin and vitamin c), and are also loaded with vitamins and minerals. They can also help with glucose metabolism, which is key to liver health and weight management.

    I also recommend getting off fluoride; it can inhibit thyroid function & cause weight gain, especially around the belly.

    In addition to removing and blocking fluoride from your diet, I also recommend a good colon cleanser that will help remove toxins and repair your intestines.

  7. Eileen Slater said:

    To burn your belly, first do crunches and torso exercises that will tone your abdominal muscles and will help to make your waist slimmer. Second, pay attention to what you eat. By increasing your intake of fiber and complex carbohydrates while avoiding sugars and simple carbohydrates, you can improve your diet significantly and boost your weight and fat loss. Lastly, select some natural herbal supplements to help you lose weight. I would suggest that you use Fat Loss 4 Idiots guide because it really works. You’ll have slimmer and healthier body in no time.


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